Testimonials at Vanderfield Hino

Defining Moment!

Receiving life changing and unexpected news propelled this young couple into making a decision which was to alter their future direction entirely.

Ross and Leesa Sheppard were both working hard back in 2003. Ross was employed in a full time position during the week and at weekends used a Bobcat and Tipper to bring in some extra money. Leesa was occupied with her career in customer service.

So when they were told mid-way through 2004 they were expecting twins it was a complete shock for them. Knowing Leesa would need to care for them well after they were born it certainly was a pivotal and defining moment in time. Especially as they were uncertain of how they would move forward.

They determined together the best way was to start Sheppard Earthmoving and to specialize in excavation and earthmoving and to concentrate on working locally. Both Ross and Leesa are now immersed in running their successful company and engage 10 full time employees.

Operating with a fleet of Tipper trucks, Excavators, Bobcats and 4 Hino trucks with Vacuum Excavators fitted, sees Shepphard Earthmoving prepared for any job and emergency around the clock, seven days a week.

The Vacuum Excavators fitted to the Hino’s are one of the safest ways to expose or excavate around underground services. It is a highly non-destructive, fast and reliable technique.

Any why choose Hino’s? Ross commented, “They are well priced and a good reliable truck. They also look quite good and the Vacuum Excavator fits well to the back of the trucks.

Growing our business on the recommendation of our customers has added to our success, thankfully. We now assist with local government departments, Main Roads and work with Electricians and Plumbers, concentrating on what I call our local area. This includes Millmerran, Goondiwindi, Miles, Clifton, Crow’s Nest, Oakey and of course Toowoomba”