About Us at Vanderfield Hino

Vanderfield Hino, Serving the Local Community

Our sales team of Hino experts have long-term experience in the trucking industry and are dedicated to ensure that you have the right truck for your needs. To help you get your business on the road, our team can assist with finance packages, registrations, and work with you on building the truck to your specifications.

Hino Trucks came to Vanderfield in 1993. Models back then where the Hino Bird of Prey series Merlin, Hawk, Super Hawk, Griffin, Harrier, Kestrel, Osprey, Eagle, Shrike, and Super Dolphin. Hino's were then known for there reliability not so much for power. The fledgling dealership started with very few staff sharing the workshop with the John Deere Mechanics (Technicians as they are known today). Hino then changed its models in 1996, along came the Ranger Series a very popular truck and one that would help the sales of Trucks increase for Vanderfield Hino. In 1998 Grahame Phillips came to Vanderfield Hino and with his background knowledge in the truck industry was able to complement the Style that Vanderfield convey to their loyal and new customers.

Things started to really move on when in 2000 Hino Released their Light Duty range of Trucks in the Dutro model. With The Ranger Series coming to the end of its model Cycle in 2003 the Pro Series was introduced with a new style cab and comfort taken us right thru until this day, with the 700 Series, 500 Series, and 300 Series being todays modern Hino Truck.

Vanderfield have won many Hino Awards along the way including Dealer of the Year Regional and Number one in PMA, Spare Parts Gold award, and Service Retention. Our service Department has grown from one Service Bay to 10 Bays including 2 Hoists for Heavy Vehicles and is an Accredited Roadworthy inspection station, able to RWC Trailers, and Trucks for any Breed of Vehicle. Our Hino Team are still very much a part of Vanderfields Network of Dealerships. Into the future we look forward to New Models to satisfy our customers needs.